Red Wine Aerator
Red Wine Aerator
Red Wine Aerator

Red Wine Aerator

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Your favourite wine, at its best tasting, faster!

Don’t you just wish you could have your wine faster? No, I don’t mean to drink it faster. Chugging it out straight from the bottle after popping off the corkscrew is no way of drinking it. I mean, don’t you wish your wine would breathe faster? Yes? Then try a red wine aerator!

Wine that has been let to breathe air enhances its taste. There is a myriad of secret flavours just waiting to get a little air to come out and let you taste them.

A new bouquet hits as soon as it hits your lips. A wildly different, smoother palate taste as it goes down. And formerly hidden, never tasted before, newly discovered aftertaste you never had a clue
it had.

All this is possible if you let the wine aerate. And all of this is faster by using the red wine aerator.

Don’t waste minutes to hours of your precious time waiting for the wine to breathe and finally open up to you. Save yourself the holdup, a gadget can help you! The red wine aerator cuts you waiting to barely a minute.

The liquid is poured into the aerator chamber filled with air, ready to be breathed by it. Once it finds its way into your glass, its full flavour has been brought forth ready for your tasting.

Get a red wine aerator and have all of your wine’s taste and none of the wait.

What’s in the box?

  • Aerator
  • Stand
  • Mesh filter

Please allow 2-5 days for delivery.