Wine Aerator Tower Set
Wine Aerator Tower Set
Wine Aerator Tower Set

Wine Aerator Tower Set

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Taste that luscious, sweet nectar from high above.

Doesn’t your hand get tired from holding a wine bottle plus a wine aerator beneath it when pouring? Well, with all gadgets available today it sure is about time someone came up with one to take care of that.

And boy, they sure did, and also combined it with the flavor-enhancing process that is wine aeration.

The wine aerator tower set is here to bring you the taste-amplifying effect of wine aeration. All with a comfortable, hands-off pouring experience. Blessed be technology.

A wine aerator tower set allows for the placement of you glass beneath the aerator. Itself suspended by an arm extending from the base.

Once placed, you can grab your opened wine bottle and tilt its mouth towards the aerator to start pouring in it.

The liquid enters the chamber where it will soak up all the air it requires to open up the fullness of its flavour.

Previously unknown bouquets, taste, and aftertaste will be now available to delight your palate.

Letting you know your wine’s flavour to its fullest extent.

The wine aerator tower set was made with your convenience and comfort in mind.

Have a chat with friends and family. Enjoy the conversation at the table. Use your free hand to check your social media while pouring (keep a steady aim though).

Have your wine maximum taste by employing the minimum of efforts. Enhance your drinking experience with the wine aerator tower set.

What’s in the box?

  • Aerator
  • Stand
  • Mesh filter
  • Carry bag

Please allow 5-7 days for delivery